About this Site? 2 Words: Bitching and Moaning

“Post-truth” became the word of the year in 2016. When you cut through the bullshit it only means lies and reveals an overwhelming culture of people that are comfortable being lied to or discarding the concept of truth in exchange for self-beneficial, identitarian notions. The invasion of a post-truth style of dealing with politics and journalism is playing into the hands of braying con artists and 2-bit plutocrats.

The purpose of this blog is to help me vent frustration and crack a few jokes in doing so, because when confronted by a hopeless situation I cope with old-fashioned concentration camp humour. Another purpose is to examine the rise of fringe politics and dismantle the sophistry and pseudo-philosophy permeating the political sphere.

The problem with battling this new breed of liars is that combatting shape-shifters who use populist opinions can be difficult. The chameleonic modern populist politicians are  at best a khakistocracy and at worst a reprise of right-wing authoritarianism. I believe this can be tackled with a more pronounced, well-rounded vernacular. Basically, we need to be smarter and use better and clearer terminology. Perhaps this is my personal conceit and I might be biased as someone who is fond of words but taking back the language of politics is essential.

A final purpose is to give some recommended reading under every post, as I’m sometimes shocked by the things people often don’t know about their own governments. For this reason, I will have to link to articles and give book recommendations as often as I can.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it.


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